After years of teaching workshops at schools and institutions across the country we are thrilled to announce the launch of Hessler Creative photography workshops. These workshops will be held on location and in our studio barn located in Camden, Maine. We cap our classes at eight students allowing more one-on-one time and shoot at destinations further afield than we typically go in our other Maine workshops. 

For our inaugural year, we will only be accepting students we've taught in the past and their friends. If you are interested in taking a workshop with us and haven't been in one of our courses before please feel free to reach out via email or sign up for our Maine Media or Madeline Island School of the Arts course this year. We will accept new students on a case by case basis after a portfolio review. 





{ September 20th-24th, 2017 }

Hessler Studios in Camden, Maine

Honing Your Voice is a continuation of our introduction Quiet Landscape course. Shoot locations will be further afield giving students an opportunity to explore some places in Maine that we don't usually visit in our other workshops. Class time will be spent doing critiques and helping students work on and polish their website, portfolio and/or project. Each student will receive informal review time throughout the week. In addition each student will receive a scheduled one-on-one session. 

Shoot Locations

Acadia National Park, Reid State Park, Hessler Farm,  and Moose Point State Park. 


A minimum of 8 hours each day (daily shoots and class time). Shoot and class time are based on weather and light conditions. 

Class Size

Maximum 8 students (only 3 spots left - act fast!)


$1,050 (includes a light breakfast)


How to Prepare


- Composing 
- Proofing
- Essential Printing Tests
- RIPs
- Fine Art Workflow
- RAW Conversion
- Exhibition Practices
- The Business of Fine Art



If you have taken our landscape courses in the past and are ready to further hone your singular voice and explore and shoot more locations in Maine. 

Get Ready
Find Out What You Need

An open mind and curiosity are the primary requirements for this week.

You need a portable computer, digital files, and Photoshop.

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