July 18-19


Proof of Process:

Commit to a long term photography project, gain access to your innate creative source, and rise above the noise

Tuition: $600



Many aspects of our current sharing model promote instant gratification and can provide immediate approval. Within this competitive landscape is a desire to stay relevant. The sensational is often rewarded and ideas are recycled until cliche. Participation can lead us to unknowingly abandon individuality, entertaining endless trends for fleeting affirmations.
There is no wrong way to express yourself - but what artist and photographer Joshua Allen Harris asks is - what might happen if you didn’t share your pictures instantly and how might a group of photographs be more powerful than a single image? 

Everyone’s self expression has value. It is imperative as artists that we learn how to craft and ultimately share our distinctiveness. By engaging in this exchange it gives permission for others to do the same. But how do we determine our unique gifts in a mass of visual noise and the rapid pace of content creation?
This workshop is for artists of all skill levels who would like to build for themselves a place of refuge and expansion within their practice. Harris will help you construct a framework around the places each artist can explore and the benefits of that process. Long term projects require a specific set of tools that, when developed, can reveal a deeper side to one’s own perspective. Our challenge is to imagine ourselves not only as documenters but as authors or poets with a camera, maneuvering ourselves and our viewers across moods and feeling states. Exercising your problem solving perseverance can feel exhilarating, empowering and can become the foundational approach for your life’s work. 
In addition to visual presentations and discussions, Harris will help you determine what personal mysteries are worth examining and what types of projects will motivate you to stick it out. He will guide you through the process of tapping into your own experiences for inspiration. and consult on what type of gear and techniques are appropriate to capture your concept. Finally, Harris will discuss the importance of editing and sequencing of your images into the completed realization of your expression.
A safe nurturing environment can provide deep break throughs in your approach. Group discussions will help provide insight on your vision and an opportunity to discuss your work with an audience. One-on-one sessions will be scheduled to field any questions and provide suggestions. 

While you don’t need to have a specific project in mind​, it will be an advantage if you have some ideas or a  works-in-progress to share and fine-tune during the weekend. Students will leave this workshop with a substantial comprehension of the processes and potentials of committing to their own self discovery, and the clarity and motivation needed to complete their own long term projects.



• Questions worth considering

• Strategies to stay motivated

• What you can expect to gain from a long-term commitment

• Working within your current skill sets

• Non-conforming practices

• Preparing for the task and setting goals



• Ideation on potential projects

• Knowing history and taking inventory

• Finding inspiration and reference materials

• Perimeters and structures

• Determining the proper gear

• Develop a clear mission statement

• Potential challenges and limitations



• Preparing for synchronicity

• Patience and persistence

• Overcoming lulls and doubts

• Understanding your limitations and capacities

• Experimentation and instinct

• Candid techniques

• Connect with strangers

• Projects within projects

• Learning to listen



• Knowing when your project is complete

• Evaluating and editing your own work

• The power of critiques and trusted friends

• The marination process

• From editing, rhythmic sequencing, design and publication

• Promoting and sharing

• Managing expectations

This course will be focused primarily on the process of developing compelling bodies of work. There will be group discussions and critiques of initial ideas and there will be one exercise to shoot "treatments" for your project concepts but this won't be a shoot heavy workshop. 


Lunch is provided on Saturday and Sunday. If you have dietary restrictions or serious allergies, please email us in advance so that we can accommodate. We pride ourselves on offering healthy meals that use as many fresh, locally-sourced and organic ingredients as possible. Every effort will be made to ensure options are available to students with food limitations.


Accommodations are not included. We recommend booking a local Airbnb, hotel or motel in Camden, Hope, Lincolnville, Rockport or Rockland. Here are links to a few local favorites in the Midcoast Area:

Lincolnville Motel (hip, laid-back, affordable, renovated vintage motor inn)

Drift Oceanside Inn (oceanfront cabins close to the Camden Hills State Park)

Whitehall Inn (boutique hotel within walking distance to downtown Camden)

250 Main (high-end boutique hotel in Rockland Arts District)

Camden Accommodations (vacation rentals in Midcoast area)

Airbnb (Camden, Hope, Lincolnville, Rockport and Rockland are all within a 25-minute drive)


Please bring your laptops, journals, personal work to discuss, any photo-books or projects in progress and your camera(s). 

Skill level

This workshop is for artists and photographers of all skill levels who would like to build for themselves a place of refuge and expansion within their creative practice. While you don't need to have a specific project in mind​, it will be an advantage if you have some ideas and works-in-progress to share and fine-tune during the weekend. 


If you need to cancel, please notify us at least 30 days before the start of the workshop. We will refund your tuition, minus a $125 cancellation fee or you may transfer your full tuition amount to another Workshop at Howe Hill Farm within 18 months. Cancellations made after 30 days prior will result in forfeit of the full tuition amount. If you are traveling to attend a workshop we recommend insuring your trip with Travelex insurance so your trip and tuition can be covered in the event of illness or unforeseen circumstances. We are monitoring Covid-19 closely and have updated our Terms and Conditions to address this virus directly. We will follow CDC guidelines and make the call 30 days prior to the workshop running. If it is deemed unsafe, we will provide full refunds to every student enrolled. Please read our full Terms & Conditions and Liability Waiver for more information.  


This class will run from 9am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday, with a 1-hour break for lunch.


A maximum of 12 students, and a minimum of 6* 


*The workshop will be cancelled if minimum enrollment is not met within 30 days of the workshop start. If cancelled, a full refund will be issued to all registered students. We recommend waiting until you receive our confirmation email that minimum enrollment has been met to make your travel arrangements or investing in travel insurance to reimburse your expenses if the course is canceled. 



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Joshua allen harris

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Hello, my name is Joshua 

I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and moved to New York in 2004. I received a Bachelors degree in Fine Art from the School of Visual Arts, where I studied painting and sculpture. 

In 2008 I noticed some floating trash and the Air Bear project was born. From Sesame Street to Istanbul these inflatable sculptures caught the attention of a global audience. I had the honor of creating a PSA with Fight Global Warming which is now part of the permanent collection at the MOMA.

Throughout my career I’ve consulted as a wardrobe stylist for major retailers working from concept through campaign. Outfitting for brands like J Crew, American Eagle, Under Armour and the New York Times. In 2012, photography became my primary expression. Making images has allowed me to integrate all of my creative interests and I have enjoyed pursuing both commercial and personal projects. I now create content for clients like Apple, Google, Nike, Vogue and Lincoln Motor Company.

I love making photographs and collaborating with fun creative people. I believe the connections we make and the time we spend together are embedded in the pictures. It’s a privilege capturing the human experience and I hope that comes through in my work.

I live with my wife Cameron in Bushwick ,Brooklyn.