Letter from Yi Cheung from the Boundaries project, a collaboration with inaugural poet, Richard Blanco (Edition 1 of 7)


View from Angel Island, California (2016)


Die-Sublimation on Aluminum with a matte sheer finish and flush mounted brushed aluminum frame with hanging hardware included. Dimensions: 40" x 60" (1.25" deep)Approx Weight: 4 lbs


Dimensions: 40" x 60" (1.25" deep)

Approx Weight: 4 lbs





Letter from Yi Cheung

  • WALL MOUNTING: Hang aluminum prints on a three-nail picture hook or a screw into a wall stud. 

    SUN PROTECTION: Hang away from direct sunlight/windowlight to prevent UV damage. The inks are archival and the print does have UV protection to help prevent fading but no artworks should be hung in direct sunlight because it can fade over time.