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JANUARY 9th - 30th


Manifesting a Creative Career:

Be proactive with personal projects and use that work to secure new clients.

Tuition: $370




Is photography a great passion in your life but you don’t know how to push further, make connections and establish a thriving career in this illusive and competitive industry? You won’t make it far in the creative world if you just wait for opportunities to fall into your lap. Taking your ideas and running with them is a key component of building and honing your photographic style, portfolio and client base.


Tutes (prolific NYC-based photography, videography, art director and producer) has always been proactive when is comes to both making and selling work. In his illustrious career he has never waited for his dream client to come knocking. Instead of just hoping for that perfect campaign opportunity, he uses his personal projects to entice brands that he wants to work with.


Join Tutes in this conversational and inspirational course where he will encourage students to execute their conceptual ideas and then pitch that work to brands. Tutes is a master of leveraging personal work to drum up new business. Tutes is an open book in this workshop, sharing his extensive inside industry knowledge - no topic is off-limits (approaching clients, setting budgets, administrative needs, maintaining client relationships, running complex photo/video productions). Students will be asked to execute two conceptualized shoots in this course and Tutes will run a group critique of the completed works. This workshop will be a symbiotic blend of fireside chats and creative fire drills. Students will leave this workshop energized and with a greater understanding of how to manifest their own opportunities in the creative industry without compromising their vision, style and integrity.  

In the final week, I will be meeting for one-on-one sessions with each student for 15 minutes (there will not be a group session this week). These one-on-one sessions can be used to review your portfolio, your website (web edit), discuss any individual needs or questions you have about your business, learn more advanced Photoshop and/or Lightroom techniques,  create business goals, and any specific questions about gear. 




Class will meet as a group every Saturday at 12pm (Eastern Time) - January 9th, 16th, and 23rd. Each weekly group session will run roughly 1.5 - 3 hours, depending on lecture and discussion times. One-on-ones will be scheduled on January 30th. One-on-one sessions are 15-minutes long. 


Skill level

This workshop is for photographers of all skill levels who wish to imagine, create, refine and complete self-assigned, portrait-based projects. Sessions will be hosted on Zoom. Once you have completed registration we will send you your Zoom login information for the course. You do not need to download Zoom to participate on a desktop or laptop computer. You do need to download the Zoom app if accessing from a phone or tablet.


Weekly sessions will be hosted on Zoom every Saturday at 12pm (Eastern Time) from January 9th, 16th, and 23rd (3 sessions). Sessions will run roughly 1.5 - 3 hours, depending on lecture and discussion times. One-on-one sessions with Tutes will be scheduled on January 30th


A maximum of 12 students, and a minimum of 8* 


*The workshop will be cancelled if minimum enrollment is not met within 7 days of the workshop start. If cancelled, a full refund will be issued to all registered students. 


$370*per person (+$15 processing fee)



Click the pink registration button to pay your tuition via credit card or Paypal. You will receive an email with your course specifics after registration.

Tutes Bio
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(JOSE Tutiven)

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Born in Ecuador and raised in NYC, Jose Tutiven "Tutes" is a Bronx based portrait and lifestyle photographer, videographer and producer. Known for his intimate, warm, and energetic captures, Tutes has mastered the art of quickly establishing trust with his subjects. That trust enables him create portrait and lifestyle imagery with a sense of familiarity and authenticity. The "perfect" image is not his goal but rather to create a memorable experience and pictures that feel personal and genuine.

An enthusiastic and energetic creative force, he has leveraged his portrait and personal work to build a thriving career in photography and videography. He has worked with numerous brands, agencies, prestige personalities and pioneered the use of digital content as a medium for creative expression in branding, marketing and documentation. His clients include Lincoln Motors, Google, Lyft, Oprah Winfrey, HIUT Denim Co, GANT, Heineken, Nike, Beats, Coach and many others. In addition to his commercial work, Tutes continues working on personal projects, traveling and collaborating with people, brands and non-profits for greater causes.

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