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FEBruary 3 & March 3

The Quiet Landscape
Our signature course adapted for interactive online learning. Learn to remove the clutter and cliche from your images and hone your singular voice. 

Tuition: $495



The first class session will meet on Thursday, February 2nd at 5pm ET and the second session will meet on Thursday, March 2nd at 5pm ET on Zoom. 




The world around us has changed, yet the creative approach to landscape photography has remained largely the same. The Quiet Landscape is a fresh approach to traditional landscape photography. Break the rules, look deeper and ignore the easy postcard shots. In this workshop you will be challenged to remove the clutter, the obvious and the cliché from your frame to create memorable and powerful images with your own distinct visual voice. This workshop will inspire existing photographers, as well as those new to the field, to create distinctive imagery that embraces the minimal while transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

The Quiet Landscape is our signature course that we have been teaching for the last decade at institutions all over the country. We have adapted our format for online, interactive learning and are excited to see the diversity of images captured from students all over the country (perhaps the world). A cathartic trip through other's pictures from the confines of our home bases. 

This class will explore the work of other contemporary photographers using the landscape as a subject. Photographer, art director and photo editor Alissa Hessler, will help students begin to identify and hone their own signature style. She will provide insight on how to be a more ruthless editor, how to find hidden potential by revisiting your archives, and how to work towards developing a concise body of work for exhibition. 


Through slideshows, class critiques and demos, students will capture their own interpretation of the modern landscape, distilling it down to its unforgettable essence. This class is a balance of honing the artist’s eye and advancing technical skills. Through weekly assignments, students are inspired to change their perspective and see photographic possibilities in seemingly familiar scenes. 

At the end of the workshop, you will feel creativity invigorated and confident to shoot, critique, and edit your photography in new ways.

SESSION 1 (February 3) - LECTURES & DEMOS (2-3 hours)

All of our Quiet Landscape lecture materials and ample time to ask questions throughout (we take an intermission halfway through to prevent information overload) - All lecture materials delivered as PDF at the end for students to refer back to while working on their assignment.

1. Instructor and student introductions 

2. Lectures:

- Rules of composition applied to landscape and your toolkit to organize a chaotic scene

- Embracing the Negative (space)

- Signature Style & Developing Bodies of Work

3. Video Demos:

- Long exposure for day (neutral density

- Long exposure for night 

- Light painting at night

- Tripod best practices



- 15-20 final images edited and sequenced

- 1 project statement for the images created

- 1 overall artist statement about your work in general


SESSION 2 (March 3rd) - GROUP CRITIQUE (2-3 hours)

Critique everyone’s assignment work and ample time for discussion and questions



Skill level

This workshop is designed for photographers of all skills levels who want to up their photography game. Sessions will be hosted on Zoom. Once you have completed registration we will send you your Zoom login information for the course. You do not need to download Zoom to participate on a desktop or laptop computer. You do need to download the Zoom app if accessing from a phone or tablet.


The first session will be held on Thursday, February 2nd at 5pm ET. The second session will run on Thursday, March 2nd at 5pm ET. Sessions will run roughly 2-3 hours, depending on class size. 


A maximum of 15 students. If workshop size is larger than 7, the second critique session will be broken into two groups.  


*The workshop will be cancelled if minimum enrollment is not met within 15 days of the workshop start. If cancelled, a full refund will be issued to all registered students. 


$495* (+$15 processing fee) 

*10% of the proceeds of this workshop will be donated to the Equal Justice Initiative


“Equal Justice Initiative is on the front lines of criminal justice reform, and racial justice. They are committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States.” - Alissa and Jacob Hessler



Click the pink registration button to pay your tuition via credit card or Paypal. You will receive an email with your course specifics after shortly after registering.

Jacob Hessler Bio


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With a diverse background in art direction, photography, and film production management, Alissa Hessler has worked as both the director for creative talent and as the creative talent. She has shot and produced content for international publications and brands, art directed and produced commercial shoots, managed global launch events, and orchestrated rebrands of international corporations. In her free time she continues to champion young farmers and rural small business owners through her Urban Exodus project. Her first book Ditch the City and Go Country, was released in 2017, distributed by Macmillan Press. 

For the decade Alissa has taught at Maine Media, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Palm Beach Photographic Centre, Sedona Arts Center and other institutions across the country. She also runs destination workshops at her farm in Maine, on Cumberland Island in Georgia and on the Lost Coast of California.

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