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We are passionate about inspiring photographers to reach their maximum potential in the medium. We assist students in establishing and honing their singular voice. Photographers leave our workshops feeling inspired and empowered to make memorable and thought-provoking work. 

But, don't take our word for it, read our student reviews...





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Destination workhops


March 2025  {dates TBD}

Cumberland Island, Georgia


May 17 - 20, 2024

Humboldt County, California


Online workshops


Late Spring 2024 

Taught by Alissa on Zoom


Late Spring 2024

Taught by Alissa on Zoom


Early Summer 2024

Taught by Alissa on Zoom


Are you looking for one-on-one consulting sessions tailored to your specific photography needs? 


Our one-on-one packages can be booked with Jacob or Alissa or both of us. Our consult sessions consist of eight, 45-minute weekly meetings. Our rates have been based on the mentorship rates through Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. 


One-on-one mentorship sessions, with Jacob or Alissa, consisting of eight, 45-minute weekly sessions: $3,800

Eight, 45-minute weekly one-on-one mentorship sessions with Jacob and Alissa: $6,500




"I had the very good fortune of taking the Hessler's workshop - and because of that - my photography has reached a new level. The workshop provided me the clarity that I struggled to achieve for many years in determining what/if any style I had with my photography. Alissa and Jacob's style of teaching was so inclusive and welcoming - each student felt safe to share and explore and expand their vision. I came away with many, many marvelous photos that I am very proud of - but more importantly, I learned to see not only my work but the work of others in a new way. Both Alissa and Jacob were open books and no question was off limits - the time and effort that they put into their workshops goes beyond the norm - they truly have a gift for teaching and sharing. The week spent with them was the best photography workshop investment I have ever made. I look forward to future opportunities to work with them - it is not everyday that you have an opportunity to work and study with such genuine people." -Anthony Jager (Pittsburgh, PA)


"Jake and Alissa’s workshop completely transformed the way I see as a photographer. One of my favorite images I’ve ever taken was during their workshop, and I don’t think it would have been possible without their support and insight. Their boundless energy and enthusiasm is contagious, pushing you new levels of creativity. They have a vast knowledge of both the commercial and fine art side of photography and offer plenty of information and guidance. I will never forget the time and care they both spent to help critique and unify each student’s work. I continue to carry what I learned from them with me in my photography of any genre. I would recommend anyone that can, to take a workshop with them." - Christine Moriello (New Paltz, NY) 


"Alissa and Jacob bring differing teaching styles to the classroom through their unique personalities, each ideally suited to maximize one's learning experience. Balancing classroom instruction with the practical application of these ideas in the field, they tailored their approach to the wide variety of interests and skills of twelve photographers, yet each of us felt we were given ample time for personal attention. Alissa and Jacob were generous, caring, interested, positive, and "connected" to our group in a way that brought our class together personally. It was a special experience and one which I would highly recommend to anyone seeking to raise their photographic skills to a higher level." - Andy P. (Mystic, CT)


"The Quiet Landscape exceeded my expectations and far surpassed my experiences in other creative workshops. The Hessler's lectures provided technical direction in a useable and memorable way and went beyond the well known “rules of composition."  More important, for me, was their skill at helping each participant recognize their individual style and how to develop creatively. In other words, they weren't teaching us their style or way of shooting but helping us further develop our own voices. The distinction is important and sets them apart.  I look forward to the next workshop I take with them." - Kerry M. (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 

"Being a student in the Hesslers' workshop was like being welcomed into a new family for an incredibly transformational week. Jacob and Alissa are a dynamic teaching duo not to be missed. Their mindfully-balanced creative and technical lessons, photographic critiques, and marketing tips are deeply insightful and delivered with laughter, joy, and a synergy that only they can bring. With the breathtaking landscapes of Midcoast Maine as our classroom and these two as my mentors, I felt the freedom to start expressing my creativity through images in new ways and empowered to acknowledge my singular voice. I have and will continue to recommend their workshops to my peers. - K.M. (Thomaston, ME)


"The course was well organized and well-paced. Every minute was well spent. Jacob and Alissa are great instructors - inspiring, good-humored, flexible, patient, and encouraging, focused always on helping participants develop and deepen their own creative vision. They created an atmosphere in which all of us felt free to share our work and learn from one another through positive, constructive feedback provided to each student in the workshop." - Barbara B. (Evanston, WY) 


"I can say unequivocally that key elements of the workshop were the tremendous amount of energy and attention they gave to the participants. The sharing, the knowledge, the patience - all were seriously appreciated. When I began to understand more about Jacob's style of shooting and what was being conveyed in the workshop, I found the way I looked at potential images was forever changed for the better." - Tim H. (Portsmouth, NH)


"The quality of their instruction and guidance was top shelf. I felt comfortable and excited for each new day of location shoots and looked forward to the assignments they gave us. Most of all I embraced the nurturing and loving way they enveloped all of us into the week we spent together. Their talent of enabling us to unleash our creative eye and spirit was powerful and heartfelt. I look forward to more from this dynamic team." - Mary Bowman-DeMent (Hilo, HI)


"The glimmer of light on water, a jetty leading into fog, the curve of windblown sand along a beach, snow lying in small drifts along a stone wall - images that evoke quiet, stillness, serenity. From Jake and Alissa, I learned that the quiet in landscapes is not simply given to us to record. We have to look for it, to coax it from the elements of a landscape, and to wait for the moment when those elements align." - John Y. (Rocky Hill, CT)


"Alissa and Jacob’s workshop was one of the best weeks I have spent in recent history. My camera had been somewhat dormant of late, and I came in wanting this workshop to help me reenergize my photography passions. It truly did! Alissa and Jacob complement each other as a team, and create an environment where each participant is able to focus on their own goals while playing off others’ experiences. I have taken several workshops at Maine Media - all of them have been good - and for me, The Quiet Landscape really was the best of the best based on high marks earned for learning, practice and inspiration. I highly recommend taking any worship with these two awesome professionals." - Nancy H. (Boston, MA)




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