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May 17th - 20th, 2024

Ancient redwood forests, deserted foggy beaches & breathtaking vistas

Hidden behind what the locals call the "redwood curtain" is a temperate rainforest of ancient redwoods, desolate untouched beaches, heavy coastal fog, dramatic coastlines with rocky outcroppings,  marshlands aflutter with birds, and landscapes that are both breathtaking and primordial. The Lost Coast workshop will explore the dynamic natural beauty that Humboldt County, California has to offer. This is a shoot heavy workshop and we will spend a majority of our time outside of the classroom exploring a variety of incredible locations. We will start day one in our classroom in Arcata/McKinleyville with a few condensed mini-lecture refreshers on capturing the landscape and then embark on our photography tour. We will visit 2-4 locations each day that will be grouped together based on proximity so we spend less time driving and more time shooting. Alissa Hessler will be your local guide as she spent her childhood in Arcata and lived there until she graduated from college. Humboldt Country isn't an easy place to get to, but it is more than worth the journey. To view Lost Coast student work click HERE.


Arcata, California




May 17th - 20th, 2024


Easy to moderate

Short walks on beaches and forest trails to access most locations


Limited to 12 students, minimum of 4 to run

Each student will receive informal review time throughout the workshop and we will have two large group critiques - one on Day 2 and one on the final day. Mini-lectures will be given on our first day as a refresher, but this course is really focused on spending ample time out in the field making images. 

This time of year is perfect for shooting at daybreak and twilight because the sun rises at about 5:56am and sets at 8:30pm. We plan our shoot locations around ideal lighting, weather and tides. 

A maximum of 8 hours each day (daily shoots and class time). Shoot and class time are based on weather and light conditions. 

(Please note this may change slightly due to weather conditions)
Day 1
8am - meet and greet at the classroom
Shoot Locations - Redwood Community Forest, The Bottoms, Mad River Beach

Day 2
Dawn shoot - The Arcata Marsh
Critique (either before or after shoots - depending on weather conditions)
Shoot Locations - Moonstone Beach, Trinidad State Beach, College Cove, Sue-meg State Park

Day 3 
8am - meet at classroom
Shoot Locations - Big Lagoon, Dry Lagoon, Stone Lagoon, Fern Canyon and Gold Bluffs Beach
Day 4
8am - meet at classroom
Shoot Locations - Samoa Dunes, North Jetty, Table Bluff, South Jetty, and Ferndale
Final classroom critique

Attendees will be responsible for securing their own accommodations for this workshop and providing their own transportation. Our classroom is located on North Bank Road between the communities of Arcata and McKinleyville. We recommend booking a hotel or home rental in Arcata, Trinidad or McKinleyville for convenience. Arcata is a college town with many good food options. Arcata is easily traversable by foot if you stay close to downtown. The Arcata Hotel, located on the plaza downtown, is a historic and central place to stay. The Hampton Inn, located outside of the main area, is one of the nicer chain hotels in the area. Trinidad is a beautiful seaside village with a lot of bed and breakfast options that is a 12-mile drive from Arcata if you would like to stay in a more scenic place. There are also some great home and room rentals on Airbnb

We have lunch stops built into our shoot schedule. Students will be responsible for purchasing their own meals. We will have coffee and snacks available in the classroom for morning critiques. 

The Arcata airport has daily flights from San Francisco and there is a Hertz rental car located in the airport. Winter flights are sometimes cancelled due to heavy fog. We typically fly into San Francisco, rent a car at the airport and make the 5-hour drive to Arcata. This gorgeous drive takes you through wine country and Avenue of the Giants. For adventure seekers with extra time, we suggest renting a car and taking the coastal Hwy 1 route from San Francisco and cutting back to 101 after Fort Bragg. We would suggest a 4-wheel drive vehicle and/or a SUV, as some roads are unpaved and steep. 

Maximum 12 students, minimum of 4.
(If minimum enrollment is not met within 90 days of the workshop, a full refund will be provided for all registered students)

$2,100 per person* (does not include housing or meals) 



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Lost Coast Workshop

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Lost coast student work
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